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Which PC keyboard to buy? Here are the types to consider

PC keyboard

Choosing the right PC keyboard can be critical. In this guide you can learn what features are most important. In order to choose a gaming, writing, wired or wireless keyboard.

Three broad categories

There are three broad categories of computer keyboards: membrane, scissor-switch and mechanical ones. The first technology concerns the classic keyboards sold with the purchase of a PC. They can be particularly inexpensive models, or more sophisticated ones with advanced features. Scissor-switch keyboards have a very short key travel. Mechanical keyboards are technologically more advanced than membrane keyboards and provide better performance.

The speed of commands

The speed with which it executes a command when the keys are pressed is significantly faster, offering greater speed of writing and action in gaming. The first major advantage of mechanical keyboards is key presses. The key is clicked even if the button is not pressed all the way down. Whereas in membrane keyboards, the user must press the key all the way down for the control to work properly.

Different solutions for different purposes

Already from this first difference it can be guessed that mechanical keyboards are faster. They allow a key to be pressed at the slightest pressure, even without clicking it completely. A second advantage of mechanical keyboards is that you can select the switch best suited to your use. In practical terms, the switch is nothing more than the key-pressing mechanism that allows you to execute the command.

The switch

There are different switches. The most famous and widely used is the Cherry MX. This type of mechanism differs in various colors. Each one of which meets a certain type of use. Finally, a third advantage is the durability of the mechanical keyboard, which is much higher than membrane models. In fact, we are talking about a lifetime of more than 50 million keystrokes. Compared to about 1-5 million for membrane ones.

The quality of the material

Of course, it also depends a lot on the quality of membrane keyboards. For example, a PC keyboard made of 1.4116 steel will have a longer lifespan than one made of plastic. In addition, over time the keyboard membrane may weaken, becoming less compact and causing typing problems.

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